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iCARE is an initiative to raise Conversations About Racial Equality.

True change starts with communicating about the racial issues present in our society. Silence hinders racial equality, and only when we start talking and listening to each other, can we achieve substantial progress.

iCARE is a judgment-free space for everyone and offers a way of communicating effectively, cordially and respectfully when talking about race.

By engageing with iCARE, you make a commitment to have an honest conversation about race. This asks us to examine not only the external structures of oppression but also our own internal prejudices, biases and privilege.

Sharing truth may be painful, but silence is deadly.

So let’s start talking and show that we CARE.


I created iCARE because I could no longer remain silent and face the dehumanisation of Black people. When I wanted to speak out and talk about this issue amongst friends and colleagues, I was taken aback by the many quizzical faces and looks of bewilderment claiming that this issue was not theirs. They stood in silence, whilst I wanted to scream from the rooftops; remembering my father's suffering, my own code-switching and fear of what the future may hold for my nieces and nephews. I realise that I was accountable for not calling them out because of my fear to lose my career. 


It's time to stand up, educate, support and talk freely about racial equality.



In my experience, it is hard to say that I’ve ever been subject to overt racism and I would be lying if I said I had, but I know far too many people who have, and their experience pains me. Whist my experience isn’t like theirs, I recall being subject to micro-aggressions and other forms of covert racism. While not all are intended to cause pain, they remind me that I will never be viewed in the same way some white people may view themselves.


As a young adult who is having to take on the world, I’m making a promise to myself not to be idle and watch as racism walks the street proud, ruining the lives of many in its wake.



We encourage you to answer this week's question and share your experience.

Click the question and answer on our Instagram - or post the picture on your social media channel and engage your followers.


We appreciate your honest opinion and thank you for contributing and moving the conversation forward.


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