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MISAN Harriman

Becoming a parent and the sense of community the internet gives you made me utterly fearless in speaking up about the greatest stain of modern man.  Standing up for our civil rights will never be the road less traveled again. NEVER.

We have so much work to do. Over the years I have developed an extraordinary network of people in the film, fashion, music and art world and it has still been an uphill struggle for me to get the gate keepers of those industries to give me a chance, so you can imagine how hard it is for others who do not have my network. This has to change. 


I insist on bringing young talent that I am mentoring on every major shoot I work on. I make sure they meet everyone on set and exchange details. This instills confidence and lets them know that they belong in every room, I also hope it reminds people that there is diverse talent out there, there always has been. 


Open your eyes and look for diverse voices, we are here and our stories are needed more than ever.

Misan Harriman is a multi-disciplinary image maker, curator and cultural commentator, and founder of the digital platform What We Seee. Inspired by Gordon Parks, Misan's photography ranges from royal commissions to fashion portraiture and photojournalism, documenting historic moments of our time.

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