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It took a global pandemic for the world to slow down enough for some sectors of society to decide to believe that Black Lives Matter.

And it took less than six months for many of the same people to now be “tired of that BLM stuff”


Are we living in a changed world, I cannot answer that, it’s not been long enough.

What I am excited about is that the kinship and community links between black people from all over the diaspora are stronger than ever; the support we show each other for our wins is like none other. To quote Issa Rae ``I'm just rooting for everyone black”.

Social media has its downsides, but its upsides are unparalleled when it excels.


We are stronger together and I am so excited to see projects and collaborations created by black and brown people made with zero concession to a former colonial power and gaze.


Words are easy and free, I only am interested in actions, from those that claim to be allies.

If you aren’t black, what actions are you taking to dismantle racist systems and structures.


I can only speak for myself, and what makes me tired. The fact that it is presented as a conversation, but actually its people who currently benefit from racism trying to set the parameters for what is acceptable conversation about race and what isn’t based on how uncomfortable they feel.

I also don’t think any conversation on race should have to start with black people having to show how we have suffered in order to elicit sympathy. There is no conversation to be had for me unless it starts from a view of how we can dismantle racist systems and do better. That’s the only conversation I am interested in having.

Performative action is easy. It’s seductive because it requires zero effort on the part of the perpetrator.

Actions are harder, and require a lot of work. and then even after putting in all the work, you still might fail; but doing the work is the only way to actually ensure change happens.

So that’s why I say it’s too early to say if we are living in a changed world, because work, action takes time and requires patience.

Another reason why performative actions are so pervasive, cos it gives a false sense of accomplishment. Which is useful in the short term, but it does nothing.

For me the one thing we can all do is be more inclusive in everything that we do and think about how our actions impact the lives of those around us who don’t have the same privileges, which sounds really complicated, but can be as simple as supporting initiatives like Black Pound Day."

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