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RONKE Adekoluejo

What’s important to me is that the younger generation are well equipped with information and books, written by people like them for them. Where the narrative is not one of victimisation but empowerment. That these young people can enter rooms, spaces and stand steadfast. Because they know the truth about who they are and what they are capable of achieving.

The young people must have representations that they can look to and learn from. I may not get it right, but with the right humility and transparency someone else can see where I went wrong and avoid those mistakes. Knowing what's right from wrong when it comes to injustice is easy. Doing what's right from wrong is the harder part, but it’s not the hardest. We have to all be fearless and brave when we expose our shortcomings. Simply because to me, the generation coming up is more important than us. We have to do it for them, so they don’t have to fight these same battles. This is the conversation I want to start - how can we put our own individual ego aside so that we can be of service to those who will continue the legacy?

Ronke  Adekoluejo is an actress known for Been So Long, Christopher Robin. She also writes, her play Teleportation formed part of Steven Kavuma’s Black Festival earning her much recognition and praise.

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