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Two years ago, I deleted my social media accounts. I was frustrated with it. I felt constantly caught between a place of rage, virtue signalling and fear about expressing my opinion. I’m not political. I’m not well read. I can’t back up all of my opinions with facts. So I retreated from the conversation. But these are strange, divisive times and I want to feel like I’m engaging with the world. So I’m going to start with conversations.

When a friend, family member or colleague says that ‘thing’ that rankles with me all day;- ‘But he had a criminal record, so…’ or ‘You look prettier with your hair straight’ or ‘A big scary black guy…’ I’m going to challenge it.  I’m going to ask why. I’m going to question what experience, interaction or article made them say it. I will try to listen from a place of compassion.  I will call out small injustices. I will see micro aggressions. I will choose to believe people who tell me they have been discriminated against. I will not dismiss them because it’s easier for me to live in a world that isn’t racist. I will not tell others how to protest. I will not tell them how to respond. I will not tell them how to feel.

I’m going to start small. And I’m going to start living my politics.

Karla Crome is an award-winning actress and critically-acclaimed writer. Her work includes Misfits, Prisoners’ Wives and she currently stars in Carnival Row. Her writing credits include the Netflix hit The Stranger.

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